Pastoral Care

Ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of the girls is at the heart of the school and our goal is to help each pupil choose their own path with confidence, knowing that they will remain safe and secure in our care.

We challenge the girls at St Christopher’s to investigate, take risks and be actively engaged in their education, and as a small school community we are in an excellent position to support them in these endeavours. Staff are well placed to support pupils pastorally, dealing quickly with issues that arise and facilitating resolutions, whilst developing self-assurance and resilience in the girls. 

Form teachers are the first port of call for any problems or concerns, offering the girls a nurturing environment in which they are supported. They welcome the girls to school each morning with an enticing range of activities to start the day, be it Philosophy for Children, an informal music concert or ‘Creative Friday’, and they are also there to reflect on the day and read the girls a story at home time. Class assemblies each Friday morning are a highlight of the week and the source of much excitement and preparation for each form. Topics can focus on awe and wonder in the world around us, with recent themes including ‘weather watch’, ‘humour’ and ‘blue’, or topics encouraging positive and active participation in the St Christopher’s community, such as ‘respect’, ‘listening’ and ‘mindfulness’. New forms are created at the end of each academic year, ensuring the chance to form new friendships and the development of a fully cohesive year group.

Children are encouraged to share any worries or concerns with their teacher or another trusted adult in school, either directly or via the ‘problem solving boxes’ found in each classroom. Staff forming part of the wellbeing team are on duty each lunchtime in the E-Pod in order to provide an extra ‘drop-in’ facility for children who wish to talk. You will see displays and information around the school promoting positive mental health, reminding the girls where they can seek support both within and outside school. Each term, an awareness week provides an opportunity to highlight the importance we place on wellbeing at St Christopher’s. Recent topics have included ‘find your brave’, in conjunction with the charity Place2Be and Children’s Mental Health Week. 

Parents and carers have a vital role in promoting and supporting the wellbeing of their children and we encourage regular and open communication between home and school. Throughout the year, we organise a range of workshops and talks for parents, with recent topics including ‘behaviour as communication’, digital awareness and ‘body image and self-esteem'. We have a partnership with a local counsellor, working together with families to support any girl who may benefit from this provision.