Pastoral Care

Ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of the girls is at the heart of the school. Our goal is to help each pupil choose her own path with confidence, knowing that she will remain safe and secure in our care.

As a small school community, we provide wide-ranging and individualised pastoral support for each of our pupils.

Form teachers are the first port of call for any problems or concerns, offering the girls a nurturing and caring environment. Children are encouraged to share any worries or questions with their teacher or another trusted adult in school, either directly or via the ‘problem solving boxes’ found in each classroom. Any issues arising are dealt with quickly and resolutions are facilitated in a way that helps the girls develop self-assurance and resilience.

Form teachers welcome the girls to school each morning and they are also there to reflect on the day at home time. Form assemblies on a Friday morning, to which parents are invited, are a highlight of the week; recent themes have included ‘Heroes’, ‘Sleep’ and ‘World Book Day’.

"Allyship is embedded in our pastoral care"

Each year group is mixed, and new forms are created at the end of each academic year, ensuring the chance to form new friendships and the development of a fully cohesive cohort. As girls transition upwards through the school, from Lower School to Upper School, from Upper School to Senior School, they are supported in these transitions through form times, tailored PSHCE sessions and their House mates.

Allyship is embedded in our pastoral care with friendship benches, problem-solving boxes, and RightsReps (Upper School inclusion ambassadors) and Year 6 pupils regularly visiting younger year groups to check in and offer a listening ear. As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, we foster inclusion, and protect children’s rights.

The Pastoral Team also hold weekly wellbeing drop-ins. Where children are experiencing ongoing issues with their wellbeing, we offer art therapy as well as one-to-one sessions with our Emotional Literacy Support Assistants.

Parents and carers have a vital role in promoting and supporting the wellbeing of their children and we encourage regular and open communication between home and school. We are a Tooled Up Education school, receiving access to Dr Kathy Weston’s exclusive resources, covering areas such as resilience, mental health, relationships at home and at school, and a range of different behavioural and psychological support. We regularly organise workshops and talks for parents and carers, with recent topics including ‘Digital Safety and Hygiene’ and ‘The Tween Years.’

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