How we teach

We raise our girls to smash glass ceilings, we teach them that barriers are there only to be broken through. We ignite passions that will sustain them for a lifetime and plant the seed which grows into a career.

Creativity and curiosity are at the heart of everything we do. Creativity requires discipline and rigour to enable it to flourish. Therefore, we offer a sequenced and progressive curriculum charting a pupil’s development from Reception to Year 6 in each subject. We draw extensively on our metacognitive toolbox to instil in our pupils the powers of scholarly rigour and speech, and the ability to plan, do and reflect independently. Our curriculum proceeds organically as we listen and respond to the girls’ emerging needs, fashioning them for the world in which they will grow up. It is the umbrella under which everything we do shelters: assemblies, performances, plays, trips, and Heath Days.

Our curriculum is deliberately broad and rich. Maths and English take centre stage, informing our pupils’ development in so many areas. These core skills are complemented by science and technology, sport, the creative arts, humanities, languages, philosophy, pastoral education.

Come and see our curriculum at work, and you will see joy radiating from pupils and teachers.