In art, girls can explore, be messy and create. They are encouraged to enjoy the process, and to be proud of the artwork they create – creativity is the antidote to perfectionism. A little bit wonky is fine and a macaroni mosaic or a mud sculpture made with love and pride are as precious as the Mona Lisa. Even Leonardo had to start somewhere!

Creativity is in our fabric, and visual art is woven into all aspects of our curriculum. Girls develop confidence drawing and working in different mediums, including clay, textiles, paint, photography, digital technology, and collage. We take part in local and nationwide competitions and activities, such as the Hampstead Art Fair, The National Gallery’s Take One Picture, the Royal Academy’s Young Artists Summer Show and collaborative projects with the Wallace Collection and the Tate.

We make the most of our location in London, and regularly visit the wonderful museums and galleries that our city has to offer. At the end of each year, we hold exhibitions to showcase the girls’ work and we invite parents to visit and celebrate their daughters’ creative achievements.

"Creativity is in our fabric, and visual art is woven into all aspects of our curriculum"
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