From the Head

A very warm welcome to you, as you enter our website. I hope you will find here many reasons to be curious about our school, and to come and visit us in Hampstead.

Our school is a home: it is a place for girls to flourish and thrive, to discover their sense of self, their heart, their voice.

At St Christopher’s, we teach our pupils to be heard, to be seen, and to be respected; we invest in the young people they will become. Creativity and curiosity are at the heart of our ethos: we give children the time to enjoy their childhood, to think and to grow.

They enjoy understanding and questioning the world around them, and they become ambitious. They learn to create a safe space around them in which they can be bold, explore freely and take risks, while developing a powerful public voice.  When they leave us, they take that safe space with them, to occupy and defend, and to share generously with others.

Visitors often comment on the positive energy that runs through the school. Moving silently in single file only ever happens during fire drills; our corridors are full of laughter and joy, music and chatter. The quality of conversations you might overhear on a tour of the school will say more about the school, and the attentiveness of teachers to their pupils than can ever be captured on a webpage.

It is our pupils and staff who make our school a home, who fill it with life and noise. Do come and meet them. We look forward to welcoming you!


Sandrine Paillasse