Philosophy reflects our openness to challenge ideas and helps to instil in our pupils the attributes of listening and respectful debate.

Each form has a weekly philosophy lesson; in Reception and Lower School, focus is on building self-regulation and listening, allowing debate to flourish, akin to the classical Philosophy for Children model. In the Upper School, focus shifts to pure philosophy – for example, Year 5 do modules on logic and Socratic technique, building a framework for the ethical and political debates they will conduct in Year 6.

Philosophy represents much of what we do and stand for as a school; challenging stereotypes and preconceived ideas, building an inclusive community of agile and curious young minds. Each class has its own Philosophy Bear, who goes home with the girls at weekends; a sought-after house guest who arrives with a book full of questions, provoking much lively family debate, and returns to school on Monday with answers to share with the rest of the class.

"Philosophy represents much of what we do and stand for as a school"