Maths is about finding solutions to problems. Some problems are fiendish, some of the solutions are elegant in their simplicity, some will require proof by contradiction, all will stretch the girls’ lateral thinking skills.

From Reception upwards, girls consolidate key mathematical skills and extend their knowledge across the main strands to provide the best possible preparation for senior school. This takes place through a variety of complex and challenging problem-solving tasks; independent study skills and collaborative learning are encouraged through child-initiated project work. Each classroom has a Maths Monkey who goes home with girls at the weekend to inspire a range of Maths at Home activities – weighing and measuring to make cupcakes is a great favourite.

Recent projects have included ‘Maths through Stories’ where the girls embed their maths learning in a meaningful and engaging context through creating their own maths story picture books, ‘Gnome homes’, bringing together numerical, 2D and 3D representations of sequences, and ‘Beyond Sudoku’, covering the latest developments in Japanese puzzles.


Mathematics in numbers


Gold awards won in the 2023 Primary Maths Challenge

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5 girls in Year 6 know Pi to the 100th digit


awards won in the 2023 Primary Maths Challenge

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