You can hear diversity as soon as you step through the gates of  St Christopher’s.

With many dual or multi-heritage families, over three quarters of students raised their hands in our Language Day assembly to share that they spoke more than one language at home. This is echoed in the teaching body, with staff from around the world speaking a mix of Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese, to name a few. Speak to any staff member or student and you will discover the range of identities that make-up our community.

St Christopher’s believes in nurturing future thinkers and global citizens who will celebrate diversity and not only develop a deep understanding of  identities, equity and inclusion, but also apply this to be empathetic contributors to their local and global communities.

From the beginning of their time at St. Christopher’s, students are taught about the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion, exploring how we can learn about ourselves and others and celebrate our similarities and differences. We do this collectively through our assemblies, a range of guest speakers, our curriculum, and events throughout the year, such as Pride Month, religious celebrations, Women’s History Month and World Culture Day.