Is it Games, Sports or PE? Or simply running around in the fresh air having fun?

It is all four; an integral part of our pupils’ personal growth and development. From the shrieks of delight at Hero Chicken and Mr Blobby in the Lower School, to strategic match play in the Upper School, sport helps develop teamwork, leadership skills and friendship. We develop habits for a lifelong healthy lifestyle, boost girls’ self-esteem, confidence, and foster an overall love of sport.

PE lessons focus on core skills such as fitness, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Games sessions for the Lower School focus on fundamental movement skills and for the Upper School incorporate either training for our key sports or the matches themselves. In the autumn and spring terms we focus on netball, football, gymnastics, cross country, and hockey. In the summer term our attention turns to cricket and athletics. Year 3 girls enjoy swimming at Swiss Cottage Pool. By Year 4 every girl is playing on a team and representing the school in competitive fixtures against other North London prep schools.

All our sports are taught and coached by specialists with a genuine passion for making sport accessible for all.  For girls who wish to add more sport to their weekly routine, we offer sports clubs. In addition, Judo, dance, table tennis, and basketball are available as after-school clubs. Netball squad training sessions are run before school to ensure girls receive much coaching as possible throughout the season.

"We develop habits for a lifelong healthy lifestyle, boost girls' self-esteem, confidence, and foster an overall love of sport"
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We have an annual Football Festival with coaching from top professional players

Over 60 matches played a year