We prepare our pupils to be persuasive and compassionate communicators 

An exposure to other languages and cultures is essential, and embedded in our curriculum, be it in an English lesson or a music class. Our pupils learn Spanish from Reception to Year 6, taught by a modern languages specialist. In the Upper School, pupils learn Latin, and Greek is regularly offered in our co-curriculum. French is a very popular club from Reception onwards. Italian is offered as a club in Years 2 and 3. Through a communicative and interactive approach, our pupils gain an understanding of the mechanics of languages and develop critical thinking skills, preparing them for further language studies in senior school.  

Our focus is to build confidence and to enable our pupils to manipulate the language readily. Spanish-speaking musical performances and role plays are regular features in lessons – and much enjoyed by the pupils! 

Teaching is supported by our extensive technology provision, which further facilitates listening and speaking practice, and   enables the girls to absorb elements of culture through music, literature and film, deepening their learning, enthusiasm, and enjoyment. 

Many of our students and staff speak more than one language, which we celebrate as a community during our annual  Languages Day.