At St Christopher’s we aim to stimulate curiosity, encourage questioning and inspire a love of history from an early age.

We focus on ensuring that all of the girls gain a coherent overview and understanding of the past in preparation for further study in secondary school. Our curriculum starts with pre-history and travels through time to the 20th century in Year 6; we consider the history of Britain in relation to world history, across cultures to tell everyone's story. We encourage every girl to question events, to scrutinise sources, to think critically, to consider both sides of an argument and to develop perspective and judgement. History is a wonderful tool to incorporate Philosophy for Children, outdoor learning, drama and many other cross-curricular skills. On a single day the girls might be creating a movie trailer on the life of Shakespeare, baking ‘Great Fire of London’ cakes, analysing source material from the Civil War and developing their persuasive writing on the Glorious Revolution.