Art, craft and design embodies the expression and application of human creative skill and imagination.

At St Christopher’s we highly value the creative arts, weaving them into all aspects of our curriculum. In art lessons girls learn key skills and explore their ideas. They develop their confidence when drawing, and work with different mediums from clay, photography, watercolours, oils, chalks and collage. We encourage the girls to take part in local and nationwide competitions, such as the Hampstead Art Fair, Take One Picture organised by the National Gallery, in which we were exhibited, and the various Tate projects. We are featured in Steve McQueen's new book and our most recent project 'Hear My Story' was commended by the Tate as an example of excellent cross-curricular work and shared nationwide. We make the most of our location in London, and regularly visit and enjoy the wonderful museums and galleries that the city offers. Every year we produce exhibitions to showcase the girls' work and invite parents to visit and celebrate the extraordinary creativity the girls possess.