What our parents say

St Christopher's is giving the girls the space, the tools, and the words to tackle big questions they'll inevitably confront down the line, whether through direct, personal experience, or the experience of those around them. But also big questions which they may be consciously or subconsciously experiencing in themselves, too.
The sight of the children's joyful faces and their cheerful interaction with staff truly exemplifies the nurturing and supportive atmosphere that permeates the school.
My daughter’s time at St Christophers has resulted in her being curious about life, thoughtful, forthright (sometimes a little too forthright), and absolutely hilarious!
As a parent of 2 daughters attending St Christopher's, we have cherished the strong community. The educators and leaders provide a fantastic balance between foundation and flexibility to enable the child to understand how they learn best. My child was just asked what she wants to be when she grows up and her answer was 'Me.'
My daughter feels seen from the moment she steps in the school. She is known by name and welcomed by everyone. She goes to tell them about what worries her or excites her. She feels challenged in a good way. The older kids recognise her too. She is genuinely happy to go to school each day.
Since the first day that we were shown around the school we have always been impressed by the engagement of the teachers, the caring ethos and the joy of the students.

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11+ scholarships in 2024


of alumnae are still in touch with friends they made at St Christopher’s

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We take a break for 5 minutes of pure mindfulness every day

Each class makes their own ‘Golden Rules’


acres of Hampstead Heath on our doorstep

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We have 14 different nationalities in the school!