At St Christopher’s we aim to inspire a new generation of global citizens. Our pupils are encouraged to explore aspects of human and physical geography, from their immediate environment to the far reaches of the globe. 

Our goal is to provide a balanced world view and to ensure that all pupils gain an understanding of the world’s continents and oceans. We consider the processes that give rise to key physical and cultural features of the world, as well as their interdependent nature. Through cross-curricular learning, we also investigate how such features change and adapt over time. Wherever possible, we allow freedom for projects to be guided by the interests of the children. Within these, we encourage critical thinking, consideration of sources, purpose and  different viewpoints and the development of perspective. Pupils also work on their map-making skills and fieldwork, as they tour the wonders of the world around them. Our geographers also enjoy welcoming visitors, such as Arctic explorers, and have even been known to write their own guidebooks as part of a Jewel Book week country focus.