Creativity is at the heart of  our curriculum,  and this  means that we place no artificial division between  ‘academic' subjects and the arts. 

In maths we seek innovative solutions to problems, as well as learning times tables; in English we teach grammar as well as creative writing; in art  we  acquire technical skills as well as expressing ourselves; and in history we imagine the past as well as learn to construct timelines. Equally important, and linked to this, is an emphasis on a cross-curricular approach, where girls draw links between subjects rather than reducing them to sealed boxes.   

We seek to provide a curriculum which is broad and challenging, encourages pupils to recognise learning as an essential process during which mistakes will be made, which encourages resilience, allows for flexibility and spontaneity, and above all, instils in them a joy in learning for its own sake which will be a habit for life.  St Christopher’s is an exciting place to learn, where lessons are never seen as a chore. 

We aim to provide academic rigour, which will prepare them appropriately for the 11+ and to thrive at their next school. We ensure that all elements of the National Curriculum are covered, but we aim to offer so much more.  Our curriculum is tailored to our needs, constantly evolving and ensures that every girl’s potential is fulfilled.    

During their time at the school all girls are taught  English and mathematics, science and computing, history, geography, RE, drama, art, design technology, history of art, music, singing and Spanish. Alongside the subject-specific knowledge and skills, we endeavour to provide the girls with tools for learning  through the use of  The Thinking Hats, Habits of Mind  and  Philosophy4Children.   

Curiosity and experimentation also lie at the heart of our approach, so we  encourage children to pursue ideas as far as they can, to question,  take risks  and challenge their thinking.  Teamwork and collaboration are also central to this approach. We take the girls outside whenever we can, making full use of our lovely site and the outside classroom.  We also organise regular days on the Heath, as well as taking the girls on educational trips.