Ethos and Aims

The moment you step into St Christopher’s, you know that you have stepped into a rather special place; the inventive use of the outside space, the juxtaposition between the Edwardian conservatory and the modern classrooms, but above all, the sight and sound of happy girls engrossed in the mud kitchen, outdoor maths or filming in the science garden.  Go inside and you will be greeted by girls bounding down the wood panelled stairs, and eager to show you their latest creation.

This is a school which revels in creativity, is underpinned by kindness and rigour, and where we take the individual needs of our girls very seriously.  It is a school unashamedly for girls, but not one where they will be defined by their gender.  They are not overly self-conscious, they have the freedom to be who they want and are seldom prissy. They enjoy energetic and messy play and have a choice over what they wear to school.  Our girls want to go into space, be detectives and write novels. They love playing football, the violin and…just playing.  They are absorbed by chess, coding and dressing up too.

We pride ourselves on providing an academic and stimulating education, where we are as interested in the process of learning, of risk-taking and collaboration, as well as the knowledge and results.  We don’t pretend work will always be easy, but present it in fun and inventive ways.  We know when to take it very seriously and are extremely proud of our 11+ results.  These include the top academic schools, but above all, we aim to find the right school for your child.  

The girls’ wellbeing is our first priority, and we are acutely aware of the pressures facing young people in the Metropolis.  Our aim is to provide them with the resilience and habits to help them live happy and fulfilled lives.  We place a huge emphasis on kindness and mindfulness is an integral part of every day. 

St Christopher's Aims

To achieve high academic standards by encouraging independent learning in a stimulating and child-centred environment that fosters our pupils’ ability to take their own decisions

To integrate creativity in all its aspects across the curriculum

To instil an atmosphere of mutual trust, tolerance and friendship centred around respect – for self, for each other and for the community and environment in which we live and work

To help our pupils develop over time into responsible, self-confident and aware young people, ready to embrace the challenges of secondary education and the modern world beyond

To engage with and support the wider community in which the school is located through charitable work, providing access to the school’s facilities and resources and providing financial assistance to those who may not otherwise be in a position to benefit from a St Christopher’s education.