Ethos and Aims

Anyone who has stepped through the gates of St Christopher’s School knows that with its grand wooden staircase, bright open classrooms and constant sense of creativity and warmth, it is, quite simply, magical.​

There is a welcome balance between the girls reading and singing in the cosy halls of this Victorian house and playing and experimenting in our modern outside classrooms, mud kitchen and playgrounds.​

Our staff aim to achieve a balance between creative imagination and academic thinking that spills out from our structured classroom environment into all elements of school life. ​

We not only teach the girls to learn new concepts and problem-solving skills, but enable them to become analytical thinkers who, in all subjects, confidently push the boundaries of learning by asking questions that perhaps have yet to be asked. ​

School Aims

Our girls are celebrated as individuals; they feel supported and challenged, to thrive and be the best version of themselves today and tomorrow. 

​Through our curriculum, pastoral care and our co-curriculum:​

  • ​We nurture creativity, curiosity, freedom of thought and intellectual ambition.  Our girls find joy in understanding.​
  • ​We care for our girls and inspire them to discover their sense of self and their heart. Our girls find their passion and their voice. ​
  • ​We champion their dreams and ambitions. Our girls grow into inclusive, courageous and principled young women, to be change-makers, for themselves and the good of others. Our girls find gratitude in challenges.