New Head

Sandrine Paillasse will be joining St Christopher’s School in September 2020.

Sandrine is currently Deputy Head, Director of Pastoral Care at St Paul’s Girls’ School, and has over twenty years of experience in education, including senior positions at various girls’ independent schools, such as Queen’s College and South Hampstead High School, where she was acting head for a term. Sandrine is also a qualified and practising psychotherapist. She writes, 

“I am thrilled to be joining St Christopher's School. The school has occupied a special place in my heart for quite some time. I am lucky to have met plenty of former pupils in the schools in which I have worked. When I came to visit the school a couple of years ago, I completely fell in love with it, and I hoped then that it would somehow be in my future one day.

My experience in several independent senior schools for girls in London has given me a privileged insight into the demands and expectations placed not only on adolescents but also their parents and their primary schools. Working as a therapist has highlighted the impact of childhood on future relationships, on success and on failure. It is natural for me to want to work with a younger age group, and to use my experience to the service of this generation of girls. What better place than St Christopher’s!

Its happiness, energy and dynamism are palpable: every time I come to the school, I am bowled over by the enthusiasm of the staff and the girls. St Christopher’s is a school where imagination is celebrated, where curiosity knows no bounds.

St Christopher’s ethos is one of intellectual challenge; on one of my recent visits I was given a Poetry Anthology, featuring poems from every single girl in the school, from Reception to Year 6, edited by Molly Fowler, head of English. Girls and staff here are creative and ambitious, and I was excited to hear about preparations for STEAM week and an engineering day from Rebecca Thomas, head of maths, and Sophie Pratt, head of science  They do not sit on their laurels and are forever seeking to expand their knowledge, to make impact, and to grow and connect with others.

I am excited by the prospect of working in such a formidable community, and to develop the innovative school that St Christopher’s is. I very much look forward to meeting you very soon."